We are a Farm Lodge and Adventure Center that offers personal attention and comfortable lodging.

The lodge includes comfortable rooms with basic facilities for rest or recreation. From our lodge you will be able to participate in fun activities and fascinating expeditions.

We are the ideal place to rest and enjoy your vacations.

We offer a range of activities to suit everyone, from intense and exciting to relaxing and peaceful.

Select from our list of activities the ones you like the most, they are allow you to combine them in any combination you like: Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Mountain Bike, Walking Trails, Camping, Sports, Farm Activities and more!


Our Visitors and Guest have the opportunity to visit exciting locations trough our different tours and expeditions.

These can be half day or full day tours depending on your request: Caves Exploration Tour, San Blas Tours, Boat Tour trough Lake Bayano, Exotic Rivers Kayaking Tour and more!



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